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Sample The Long Goodbye, Meghan O’Rourke’s memoir of grief and the loss of her mother, in the New Yorker: “Trying to let her go, I found that I was only hungry for more of her. A mother is a story with no beginning. That is what defines her.”

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My Burning Desire to Write ‘A Lovely Woman’ — Alovelywoman

I’ve wanted to write my memoir, A Lovely Woman, for a long time. Keeping a daily diary since I was a child and journaling on and off for many years means it’s my second nature to put thoughts to paper. About ten years ago I determined to write about a loss that defined my life from a very early age. I began piecing it together. But I lacked confidence […]

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Celebrating a Bust

There was a huge drug bust in our part of the world very recently. Like everyone else I know, I was relieved. Relieved that our law enforcement was working to try and curb this enormous blight in our world. The ravages of drugs are seen and felt every where. And it’s horrific. Children being born […]

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