The 2008-09 Great Recession put a lot of people out of work and caused them to lose their houses. My family was not exempt. My niece and her husband lost their jobs and their house. Their credit was decimated. So about thirty months ago when my nephew told me they were barely surviving with their two kids in an old, dilapidated vehicle that broke down frequently I reluctantly agreed to help them. I put a significant down payment for them so that the monthly payments would be something they could handle. They have been making monthly payments on time since then, I assume. I am still on the title however, which makes me uncomfortable. The loan is for five years but it has never been my intention to remain on the title for that length of time. My plan was to help them out with my credit until such time as they could get back on their feet financially. They seem to be doing well now, as my niece’s husband is making six figures, they bought a ten thousand dollar boat, and have paid off several back bills. I have asked her husband on several occasions, maybe five, to get his own car loan now and take me off the title but all I get from him are BS excuses. Every time I ask he says it would be better at a later time. If he has money to buy a nice pleasure boat he has money to get his own car loan. It seems it would “inconvenience” him to get his own loan. After 2 1/2 years, a new boat, and multiple requests from me he needs to do what I’m asking. He’s a decent kid and the payments are up to date, I assume, along with the car insurance. This is not a little matter, and he’s starting to piss me off. I also loaned him and my niece over five grand to fix up their house four or five months ago. They are making regular payments of around a hundred bucks a month. I am concerned they are incurring more debt than they can pay back. Making six figures should enable them to pay off their debts over time and 30 months or so should be sufficient time for that to happen. If necessary they can sell the boat. In any case this is another No Good Deed Goes Unpunished story.

This is becoming a pattern. I had a queen-size bed when I moved that I had paid $ 538 for a year before. I asked the husband to help me move it tot Habitat for donation about ten days before I left, and he agreed to help me move. Moving day came and he showed up in a long-sleeve shirt and a tie “to help me move.” Obviously he had no intentions of helping me move. He DID take a tool box full of tools and my karaoke machine, which his son will enjoy. When I asked him to throw the bed in the back of the truck he said he “didn’t want to mess with it.” It would have taken him less than thirty minutes to do that and I would have received a $300-400 tax credit for the donation. After all I have done for him and his family you might think he would accommodate me, a little favor. I will NOT do him or his family any more favors. Period. He has burned that bridge. Live and learn.