Chapter Four

 “I don’t find any of the boys in our ninth grade class to be especially cute, Gwen, and prefer guys who are a little older.”

One Thursday morning in the crowded hall while changing classes, as Rhonda was talking with Gwen at her locker and both were discretely scanning the hall for cute guys, Marc appeared out of nowhere, like a dream.

All at once her general visual ‘guy radar’ antennae started to buzz, stopped, focused, and came to rest on Marc. Joking and laughing with a couple of his baseball buddies, twenty feet across the bustling and noisy hall, he became an irresistible draw.

In four months Marc would turn seventeen and was known to most students to be a pretty good student and athlete, a guy who played second base on the junior varsity baseball team, and one who had started lifting weights. A few girls also knew him as smart, funny at times, a good kisser, and one of the more popular guys at school for all of those reasons.

At first glance Rhonda knew none of this, of course only that he was very cute, with a great smile and laugh, and fabulous dimples. SO cute! Her breath caught in her throat. Oh…MY…God!

Smitten, her chest tightened, breathing became ragged, senses reeling. “Who is the incredibly cute guy in the green shirt?” she asked in a low voice, turning away from him so Marc couldn’t see the huge smile on her face and guess he was the focus of their conversation.

“Him?” Gwen asked tentatively, searching the hallway. “Do you mean…like… the guy in the dark-green shirt?”

Getting Rhonda’s quick nod, she whispered into her best friend’s ear, “I think his name is Marc, and like…I heard he’s on the JV baseball team.”

“He’s so cute!” her horny neighbor murmured, excitement in her voice, looking quickly over her shoulder again at him and back to Gwen before he noticed. I’m getting warm inside.

Unable to stop smiling, Rhonda whispered it into Gwen’s ear so nobody would hear, and Marc wouldn’t know she was interested in him, yet. “Do you think he has…like… a girlfriend?” I hope not ! my pulse is racing !

“I don’t know, but I think his sister, Jeannie, is …like…in our math class. I bet she’d know.”

Upon hearing that very exciting news Rhonda decided right then to definitely make Marc’s sister her friend as a means to learn everything possible to know about him. The possibility Jeannie might introduce me to her brother is hugely exciting!

Naturally positioning herself in the hall so she could look over Rhonda’s shoulder in order to report on Marc’s activities, or lack of activity, no matter where he moved, Gwen would appear to be conversing with her girlfriend. I don’t want to be too obvious.

“Is he looking this way?” Rhonda whispered excitedly.

Hoping he had noticed her, was glancing or smiling at her, or was even looking in her direction, Rhonda was mildly disappointed when it didn’t happen. His smile is simply dazzling! Spellbinding! I cant stop smiling !

Conceding Marc was cute, Gwen also concluded his tall, thin, blond buddy was just as cute. I’m not going to compete with Rhonda for any guy because: A) I don’t think I’ll win; B) I don’t want any hard feelings between us; and C) there are plenty of cute guys to admire and fantasize about.


Over the next three weeks, Jeannie was surprised at all the questions Rhonda asked about her brother. She could see Rhonda had a crush on Marc and agreed to tell her most of the pertinent details about him if Rhonda would get an equal amount of surreptitious information about his taller, blond friend, Robby. Jeannie liked tall guys and in the last couple months had started noticing her brother’s buddy with a romantic interest.

In junior and senior high, there was always a continuous flow of secret information about relationships and who liked who, so it was nothing out of the ordinary for the girls to pass information back and forth about the guys.

High school guys passed similar information back and forth about the girls, but most of it pertained to their past sexual history, current state of physical development, and present and future sexual potentials.

Knowing how gossip could easily get around, Gwen asked Rhonda, “Aren’t you worried about…like… Jeannie telling Marc you’re interested in him?”

“No, because if she does, I’ll just tell Robby she likes him, and like…her secret would be out, too.”

Two days later, Rhonda reported to Jeannie a cluster of pertinent information about Robby she learned from one of the girls on the JV cheerleading team: “He has only dated one girl once in the past. The rest of it like, he’s a pretty good athlete and student, usually gets…like… good grades, and eventually wants to become …like… a successful architect like his dad you probably already know since he’s been your brother’s best friend since third grade. …And, like…I’m sure you’ve noticed, like…he has big hands.”

Big hands and big feet were supposed to be good indicators of a guy’s cock-size, the girls had heard.

In response, Jeannie thanked Rhonda for her information and reported Marc had dated one girl casually, taking her twice to the movies, but currently didn’t have a steady girlfriend; played second base on the baseball team; lifted weights; and was rumored to have probably made out with at least a couple girls.

Jeannie concluded her report with: “Marc’s pretty smart and like…gets pretty good grades most of the time, mostly B’s, wants to go to college, hopes for… like…a baseball scholarship, and eventually has his mind set to be a professional baseball player.”

Of course, being his sister, Marc’s physical attributes were lost on Jeannie, but those details were all very obvious, and incredibly attractive, to Rhonda.

Collecting all the information she could gather without him knowing, it took Rhonda three more weeks to work up her courage to say hello to Marc in the hall while she was with Jeannie, Gwen, and some girlfriends they both knew, but he smiled briefly at her, in passing, which she found to be absolutely thrilling!

He smiled at me! Does that mean he noticed me? Maybe I have a chance with him! Oh my God!

When Rhonda and Gwen were alone later that day, Rhonda said, “I think he actually, like… noticed me. Do you think I should try to meet him somehow? Let’s, like… come up with a plan!”

On Wednesday, when Jeannie casually mentioned she had overheard Marc talking to his buddies about going to the theater Saturday afternoon, a palpable shock went right through Rhonda, and she couldn’t wait to tell Gwen the intriguing news. That night, the girls strategized, did some conversational role playing, and talked for hours about Saturday. Finally, the plan was set.