With Gwen, Rhonda didn’t have to restrain her sexual responses out of fear she might like it too much and become pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease. Being with Gwen truly sets me sexually free, releasing me from my old ways of thinking about relationships and romance. We are exploring new boundaries, new opportunities… truly liberated ladies.

In addition, Rhonda didn’t have to worry about Gwen thinking she was a slut or a tramp because it was clear they were both incredibly hormonal and horny, with active fantasy lives. There are fewer secrets between us, as the level of trust and intimacy is already high.

Perhaps best of all, the level of emotional intimacy and sharing between them deepened. There was time taken before, during, and after their almost-daily regular sex for sharing and snuggling. Pillow talk finally became as integral a part of a relationship as Rhonda always heard it should be.

Sometimes it is lovemaking; other times it’s just great sex! For each to have ten strong orgasms in a night was not unusual, especially at the start of their affair. Over time, they both realized, as great as that many orgasms were, it was exhausting, too, and left little energy for quality snuggling afterward.

As their relationship evolved, they found three or four shuddering orgasms per night, for each, worked better, especially if they had been preceded by at least an hour or more of teasing foreplay. Experimenting with carrots and cucumbers is great fun! Waking up to a terrific, trembling “O” in the black of the night was truly delightful, immensely satisfying, and not really unusual.

Instead of searching for a rubber, like I did with Marc, I will begin subtly checking around, with Gwen, to find where we can get a dildo and a vibrator. I made some money babysitting for the Harris kids across the street and want to invest it in a play toy. A whole new set of questions and possibilities arose.

No-boundary sex was a first for them both.