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As Rhonda continued to work after graduating high school, she saved up enough money to buy a jalopy for transportation for $300 from Mario, a guy she knew casually from school, and whose dad owned Roselli’s Garage. Mario had worked all his life with his dad and was an excellent mechanic, not to mention a horn dog.

Fixing up old-but-serviceable vehicles and selling them at a reasonable price was his sideline. Mario wanted four hundred bucks for the eight-year-old Ford sedan, but Rhonda used her womanly wiles to get it for a hundred less. It was constantly breaking down, however, requiring several more bartering exchanges of services to fix the carburetor and radio, replace the alternator, re-attach the bumper, replace the radiator hose, etc. Over time, he would become quite popular with a half dozen young women of limited financial means but abundant assets.

Liberating Rhonda, Beau Johnson Author, Kindle