Marc is the fourth guy I have ever kissed, and the first I really like and plan to spend much time alone with, making out.

Kissing in general was enjoyable, Rhonda had already found. In addition to her initial exploratory sessions with Gwen, she had some kissing experience with boys, too. While playing spin-the-bottle a party last year, she had kissed three boys, but those kisses only lasted a minute or so and were the luck-of-the-bottle draw, not really with boys she especially liked.

This time is different. This is Marc, my first real crush.

Continuing to kiss, Rhonda thought about how much she liked the feel of his tongue inside her mouth. It’s the first time I have been entered by a guy in any way, and it feels nice, even kind of natural. A warm, pleasurable, possibly sexual flush spread all over her body while they were kissing, which scared her a little because it felt so good. I wonder if it is possible to feel too good! Several more minutes of passionate French kissing, holding their breath for long intervals, left them both panting and out of breath.

How are you supposed to breathe while kissing, through your nose? Whew! She’s panting, too. Good! It’s not just me!

Rhonda needed a break to gather her senses about her before simply throwing herself down flat in the theater chair and asking him to screw right there. Granted, it’s a lovely and lustfully romantic thought, and certainly in my future sexual plans, but not on a first date! I don’t want Marc to think I’m a slut!

The other girls had been right: He really is a great kisser! Marc makes it feel so good, and seems to like it as much as I do! She liked not only feeling his lips on hers, but also being able to feel the hardening muscles of his arms around her and of his chest against her breasts.

I’m really glad the making out is going so well, with no noses bumped into, or other embarrassing incidents. The warm willing softness of her lips and the soft warm feel of her body against mine feel great. Both have a lot of future potential.

I’m very glad nothing embarrassing or awkward has happened yet, like bumping noses or gnashing teeth. He thought she seemed willing enough, and had a lot of so-far unrealized potential, so the decision was made to gradually test her limits.

After gathering her senses, taking several deep breaths, and regaining some sense of control for a few minutes while making halting and awkward conversation about the movie they were missing, Rhonda felt Marc turning her head toward him, and once again his lips were locking onto hers. All at once, those warm and willing, tingling feelings grew as her initial resolve to set some physical and sexual boundaries wilted away and a small fire began to simmer deep in her belly.

“Let me…get this…out…of…the…”

Pulling the armrest between the seats up and out of the way, Marc turned his whole upper body to face her. Turning to face him, too, they were in a wonderful, sexually charged embrace with no barrier between them before Rhonda knew it.

Drawing her to his chest in a big hug, Marc felt her soft warm breasts and body against him. Delightfully electrifying feelings travelled in both directions. Receiving no protest, he kissed her again, hands cupping her face gently, dropping his right hand slowly lower from her jaw, down her neck, to her waiting breast, giving her plenty of time to stop him if she wanted. I’ll stop…if I have to…

I don’t want to stop him because it feels fantastic! Oh my God! He wants to touch me! Marc thinks I’m attractive, maybe even sexy! The warm feelings from kissing him were now beginning to get warmer, more and more tingly, and juicier, as they drifted downward. Even the idea of Marc touching my breast is almost as exciting as the actual touch.


Actually copping a feel of her almost fully developed boobs thru her blouse and her bra amped up their making out experience considerably. At least he’s just touching me through my blouse and bra. In fact, I’m glad I’m wearing a bra. It gives me another line of defense against my own raging desires! If he starts to go under my blouse and unhook my bra, do I want him to stop? Should I cross that line, and let him do that?…I don’t know…

After making out and exploring each other for a while, Rhonda knew she liked it, and liked him. Wanting to please him and herself at the same time, a definite conflict was created regarding what to do next.

I also don’t want him to think I am a total tramp by screwing him the first time we meet! Besides, she didn’t have a rubber, didn’t know if Marc owned one, and had no desire for that question to even surface. There is no way I want him to suspect I’m even thinking about rubbers the first time we’re together!