“I don’t find any of the boys in our ninth grade class to be especially cute, Gwen, and prefer guys who are a little older.”

Changing classes one Thursday morning in the crowded hall, while talking with Gwen at her locker and both were discretely scanning the hall for cute guys, Marc appeared to Rhonda out of nowhere, like a dream.

All at once her general visual “guy radar” antennae started to buzz, stopped, focused, and came to rest on Marc. Joking and laughing with a couple of his baseball buddies, twenty feet across the bustling and noisy hall, he became an irresistible draw.

Four months away from turning seventeen, he was known to most students to be a pretty good student and athlete, a guy who played second base on the junior varsity baseball team, and one who had started lifting weights. A few girls also knew him as smart, funny at times, a good kisser, and one of the more popular guys at school for all of those reasons.

Knowing none of this at first glance, of course, Rhonda was only aware he was very cute, with a great smile and laugh, and fabulous dimples.

Smitten, she nervously asked her girlfriend. “Who is the incredibly cute guy in the green shirt?” her voice low, and turning away from him so Marc couldn’t see the huge smile on her face and guess he was the focus of their conversation.

“Him?” Gwen asked tentatively. “Do you mean…like… the guy in the dark-green shirt?”

Getting Rhonda’s quick nod, Gwen whispered into her best friend’s ear, “I think his name is Marc, and… like…I heard he’s on the JV baseball team.”

Looking quickly over her shoulder again at him and back to Gwen before he noticed, she murmured, excitement in her voice, “He’s so cute!” Unable to stop smiling, Rhonda whispered it into Gwen’s ear so nobody would hear, and Marc wouldn’t know she was interested in him, yet. “Do you think he has…like… a girlfriend?…I mean…like…he’s SO cute!”