I wrote this story as an initial part of a three-part trilogy. It has taken me three years so far and still isn’t finished, however this first part is done. When I retired seven years ago I enjoyed the beach, bikinis, and the beer for three years, but my brain started to turn to mush. This worried me because my Aunt Anna died at age 56 from Alzheimer’s Disease, and it runs in families. I used to be VERY good at Sixties music- within three notes I could usually identify the song, who did it, the lyrics, and even when it was released- but I can’t do it anymore, so I know my memory is not what it used to be.

I attended a Memory seminar and afterward asked the guy presenting it about my problem. “Do you usually remember what it is that you forgot?” he asked. I replied affirmatively. “Well I wouldn’t worry about it too much.” he said. “Its probably stress. If it NEVER comes back to you or you forgot that you have forgotten, have a family member take you to a doctor.” I was much relieved because 99% of the time it returns to me, sometimes an hour later…or a couple hours later…

I did crossword puzzles for three months to exercise my brain but it wasn’t as fun as writing, so I decided to become a writer, even though I had no clue how to actually do it.

So I took a college writing course. Write What You Know was the mantra. After thinking for a week it became clear to me that I didn’t know anything!…but I DID know Rhonda pretty good twenty or twenty-five years ago. So I began writing about this affair we had back then and by the end of the course had 100 pages written.

Taking my hundred pages back to my class I showed them what I had done.” Oh no! You NEVER write about old girlfriends! It will turn into a rant- that bitch did me wrong! She did this! and that!”

Disappointed, all I could say was, “NOW you tell me! Why the hell didn’t you tell me this before?”

To HELL with them! I said to myself, and continued writing. I now have 164 thousand words on Rhonda, 54 thousand of them are in Liberating Rhonda. Hope you enjoy it…