Rhonda, Gwen, and Alice bumped into Marc and Robby in the lobby of the Essex Theater the next Saturday afternoon, hoping they made it look like it was completely by chance. The Essex Theater was a favorite destination for local teens, and the high school guys called it the S-E-X Theater, of course.

Vaguely remembering Rhonda from the brief encounter in the hall with his sister, now Marc found himself glad to see her and immediately zeroed in on her cute little figure and nice boobs. She’s a little young, but has a pretty nice body already and more importantly, seems to be readily available.

The “accidental” meeting at the theater snack bar led to a lot of giggling and nervous laughter on Rhonda’s part as she was very anxious about making a good impression. The group chatted about school, the athletic teams, favorite bands and music, the upcoming dance, some of the teachers, and a couple of the goofy kids, basically whatever Rhonda could think of from the mental list she’d prepared and rehearsed several times with Gwen the night before.

Rhonda struggled to maintain eye contact with Marc without staring deep into his beautiful blue eyes and an uncontrollable ear-to-ear grin appearing.

I can’t stop smiling! Damn! Stop!! Now!…it’s no use…sigh..

Looking down at the floor and shifting from one foot to the other, she waited until her thoughts calmed and some semblance of control returned. My stomach is doing flip-flops. Stop it!…Please!…

Realizing Rhonda was struggling, Gwen filled in the conversational gaps for her as best she could until her girlfriend regained her composure. It was tough for her to think straight too, because Robby also made Gwen nervous. Hormones were running wild in both directions.

I am dying to make a good impression. I desperately want Marc to like me! Rhonda thought.

She needn’t have worried, though. His physical attraction to her was immediately strong. Liking what he saw, Marc knew the animal magnetism was mutual.

Marc is even cuter up close than I imagined. I can hardly speak I’m so nervous…and excited!

Finding they liked some of the same music and bands, The Beatles, The Doors, and The Righteous Brothers, her three favorite groups, pleased Rhonda and demonstrated common musical tastes.

Most important, Marc smiled at her.

What a great smile, with beautiful, straight, white teeth. And I like when it’s directed at me! He has the deepest dreamy blue smiling eyes! I just can’t stop myself from grinning. Ugh! Stop! Please!…Now!…sigh…its no use…

After ten minutes of nervous conversation the cartoons were starting so Gwen, according to plan, excused herself and returned to the front row to sit with her younger sister Alice. Rhonda and I have, of course, agreed that I’ll disappear to give her more of his undivided time and attention.

The naturally redheaded, Irish, perfect-complexioned, freckled ballet dancer with great legs and an edible ass, hazel-eyed Gwen O’Rourke, would get all the juicy details later.

Unknown to the girls, Marc and Robby also had a plan. Their agreement was pretty similar to the girls’, in that if one of them looked like they were going to hook up, the other would make himself scarce.

It was no coincidence and no surprise when Robby quietly excused himself to the men’s room and never returned.


Returning to her seat next to Alice, Gwen was almost as excited as Rhonda and found it hard to concentrate on the screen, just thinking about what Rhonda and Marc might be doing. It’s so exiting! My pulse is racing!

Noticing Gwen’s considerable excitement, Alice asked, “What are you all excited about? The movie hasn’t even started yet. It’s only the cartoons.”

Alice is not quite fourteen and not old enough to share Big-Girl secrets yet.  “Well, I like cartoons too, and this is supposed to be an excellent movie!”


Meanwhile, in the lobby…“Well…um….I have never…I mean…I don’t really know …” Rhonda’s voice nervously stammered, then trailed off to nothing.

“Where do…uh…like…you usually… sit, Marc? My voice refuses to speak like I want! Crap!  Trying again, Where…um…is the best… place…to…like…see…?”

Her halting and awkward assertion she didn’t know the best place to sit because it was her first visit was…simply ridiculous. Rhonda had been there dozens of times but she had been younger and her agendas then were much different then, a fact Marc didn’t have to know anyway.

“Well…um…Rhonda…er…” His breathing was rapid and ragged, in gulps.

There’s only her and I left, now…so…I can see she, too, is struggling to talk…so…maybe it means she’s as nervous as I am.

Taking a calculated risk, Marc smiled and invited her to sit with him, far away from the guy he came with, in the darkest part of the theater, on the left side. It was the section of the theater commonly known as The Playground, the infamous make-out area.

“My buddy, Robby, likes to sit in the…uh… front row but … like…it is too close for me ’cause you have to look almost straight up the entire movie. Sure…um… uh…you can see clearly, but my neck gets stiff after a while. I …like…uh…know a better place.”

“You know…like…a better place than…the front row, Marc?” I hope so!

“Yeah. About fifteen rows back on the left side…um… its pitch black, which helps you see the picture better, and…er…you don’t get a stiff neck! That’s where I like to sit. Want to…like… try it out with me? You’ll see…”

“Well…I guess so…if you say it’s like…better…Marc…” Finally!

Great! She’s agreeable! A possible make-out girl!

It was the darkest area. Pitch black. That much was true.

Marc and Robby had come to the movie in search of girls, and now this potential make-out girl had found him, without any effort on his part. They’d visited this movie theater two other times with his baseball buddies in the past month without any success even meeting, let alone making out with girls.

Suspecting but not knowing for sure the girls came there hunting for guys, too, it could have been just a lucky, chance encounter. The girls got the benefit of the doubt.

Realizing too late he had missed the opportunity to take Gwen to The Playground, too, the possibility didn’t dawn on Robby until after the movie. Excited for Marc though, he hoped to get the whole scoop later if anything exciting happened with Rhonda.

Secretly hoping Robby would also ask her to sit with him too, Gwen was so nervous and excited already about Rhonda’s hookup, there was a little relief and perhaps a little disappointment, when Robby didn’t ask her. Maybe it will happen next time, if there’s a next time.


The Playground was always very dark because the high school guys made a point of frequently removing or breaking the aisle lights in that left-hand section. On weekends, in fact, there would be no functioning left-side aisle lights. Zero.

Knowing the area and its reputation from the other older girls at school, Rhonda hoped very much Marc would invite her there. I really don’t need convincing, either, because it has been my plan all along. I just don’t want to appear too eager.

He wasn’t inviting her there for the picture quality, she knew. Marc wants to make out with me and even the thought of it is making my heart pound, hands get sweaty and I can barely breathe!

“It’s dark, so be careful. Come… this way with me, Rhonda.”

Taking Rhonda’s hand, Marc led her thru the pitch-black darkness down the aisle to a seat fifteen rows towards the screen and ten seats in from the aisle.

Right away Rhonda knew she liked him holding her hand, for starters, even though her hands were a little sweaty from all the nervous excitement.

This is the first time I’ve ever held hands with a boy I like! It’s so romantic!

Hoping she wouldn’t notice, Marc’s hands were sweaty, too, but he kept wiping them quickly on his pants when they got too damp. I like holding her soft, warm hands. Wonder if she will mind me putting my arm around her shoulders? That’ll be my first move, a trial run to see how she reacts.

It took both of them a minute to let their eyes adjust to the darkness, but once Rhonda could see she delightedly discovered Marc’s arm already around the back of her seat, slowly sliding down to her shoulders. Her heart rate wildly shot up. Oh my God! It’s happening! Marc has his arm around me, and he’s running his fingers lightly thru my hair! It feels great to have him touch me like that!

Marc thought it was pretty cool, too. Putting my arm around Rhonda feels good, like I’m protecting her to some extent, even though there is no apparent danger present at the time, except for me, maybe, and my incredibly strong urges!

Noticing the faint scent of his aftershave, Rhonda smiled to herself, even though it would quickly become apparent his cheeks were pretty smooth and he probably didn’t really need to shave much at all at sixteen-and-a-half.

So far, it’s all happening as I hoped it would.

Turning toward her he whispered with a smile, “Your hair smells great, Rhonda. It feels so soft!”

Jeez, there is his nice, big, beautiful smile again!  responding with a weak smile of her own, her heart galloping madly.

Marc was tickled to hear she liked his compliment. And I’m not just giving her a line, her soft hair really does smell clean, fresh, and flowery!

Rhonda’s curiosities about guys, what they feel, smell, and taste like, were running wild. I’ve discussed a million details about guys for hours on sleepovers with Gwen, but now I actually can find out for real! And it isn’t just any spin-the-bottle guy; it’s unbelievably adorable Marc!

Still somewhat nervous, he could tell she liked him by her nervous laughter, shy but constant smile, and inability to look him in the eye for more than a second without smiling. I can’t believe how I lucked out. This girl is cute, has a nice figure, and is apparently willing to let me touch her, which makes her perfect for me because those are the only three things I really require in a girl.

His curiosity about girls equaled her questions about guys: what they smelled like, felt like, and how they tasted.

So far so good

Pretending to watch the movie, Rhonda found it hard to concentrate on the movie with Marc’s hands in her hair. Her excitement growing, she became impatient waiting for whatever was going to happen next. She glanced nervously in his direction a couple times, and then quickly back toward the screen.

Is he going to kiss me, or not? Please! Kiss me! I’m dying!

Going for broke, Marc turned her head toward him and leaned over to kiss her mouth. She’s letting me kiss her! How cool! Her soft, warm mouth offered no resistance, but her lips were closed and temporarily resisted his tongue pushing further.

I want to give her some tongue, but if she really resists, I’ll be almost as happy just to kiss her soft smooth lips.

Fortunately she didn’t resist too seriously.

Relenting on Marc’s third attempt, Rhonda let him push his tongue in a little, then all the way. She tastes like cherries, soft, warm, willing, juicy, cherries. My tongue is in her mouth! Oh man, I can feel her tongue playing with mine! We are French kissing!

Ecstatic, Rhonda was finally French kissing a boy! It is kind of like practicing with Gwen but somehow more exciting! Her heart continued pounding; senses reeling. He actually wants to kiss me! Fearing she might faint as his mouth and tongue pressed hers, touching her lips and tasting her, Rhonda began to feel weak, wet, and wonderful at the same time, and there was no desire to resist him, even if that was her desire, which it wasn’t.

Impossibly cute and kisses great, too! God yes! YES!