Poetry in Black and White

Unfettered, Unwound, Uncurled

We live within our walls of skin
Focused on our external world.
We see the wonders laid agin
Our perceptions splayed, unfurled.

We smell aromas ill and sweet
Our nostrils crave the air
We taste dust and delicacy
Of life’s bounteous fare

We touch of one another like
Only temporal lives could be
We hear the world around us swirl
Years buzzing as the bee

Yet true life occurs within
External presence paled
Too late we often realize
The manner in which we failed

To see and hear and touch and smell and taste
Our lives so short
Bitterness rules too many hearts
Trapped by their last resort

If we cannot live within our skin
If we cannot see our love of me
If we cannot hear our own sweet voice
If we cannot touch our inner tree
If we cannot smell our inner fears
If we…

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