Poetry in Black and White

Some days inspiration steps up and politely requests, “Write me, please.” These days can deliver more than the resulting poem or story or essay.

Sometimes, you are afforded a peek into your own psyche. This, undoubtedly, holds the potential to unnerve.

I looked at my creation, written just as I most enjoy, straight off the heart. No concern or fear or reservation whatsoever.

Publish button clicked, fun little exercise accomplished, and then – concern. For someone who works hard at revitalizing his heart, fears still creep up and challenge the allied mindset that likes to say, “what if this puts someone off?”

Absurd on one hand, as the poem contains some of the most positive attributes I’ve written in weeks. On the other hand, the possibility exists that the poetic statement itself could cause discomfort in that the message is bold (at least by my standards).

I am defined these…

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