Poetry in Black and White

Poetry at times involves going off the deep end. Other times lyrical phrases can be light and airy. Then there comes the melancholy, the angry and all the other emotions. The following poem comes from a collection I’m building and brushes life’s landscape with broad strokes in dark areas…

All the Wrong Places

Bring us no closer to death than the wind’s whisper from our grandmothers’ graves

No further from love than the rise and fall of our lovers’ breasts

We cling to our distractions, desperate souls in search of meaning

From that which we cannot understand.

Who are we? Conscious, aware beings,

Cognizant of too little and too much at once

Living in a frantic world of habitual chaos

Too-fast-to-live and too-soon-to-die realities.

Our pleasures, snatched, stolen.

Our personal histories – barren shelves –

Devoid of soft moonlit strolls or nestled spooning

Instead, data transfers and emotional disasters tracked…

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