Poetry in Black and White

At least, how we address this constant reality of human life defines to a certain extent how we live. Each day death beckons us nearer. This is not earth-shattering news. “Live now for tomorrow is not guaranteed.” There are probably hundreds if not thousands of variations of this saying.

Here in the States, we appear to play ostrich with death. As long as we have our toys and entertainments, we forget our finite plight. We can go about our “living” as though no end will ever come of it. What we don’t look at won’t hurt us.

I’m not promoting a morbid, death-fearing mindset here, but simply addressing what I see is a need for Americans to get their heads out of their electronic butts and discover the true beauties of life. Breezes. Clouds. Trees. Snow. Sunshine. Rain. Relationships.

We experience so many, many things each day, but most go…

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