Poetry in Black and White

Day 28 in the National Poetry Writing Month Challenge. Technically I’ve already written 28, not counting the following, because I postedu two in one day. I

I’m writing an iPhone Phollie today. In order to qualify as an iPhone Phollie, I must be out on my bicycle and writing peacefully and openly with my inner muse. Waterfront Park here on florida’s intercostal waterway is a lovely mood setting location.

NaPoWriMo has reminded me that writing takes time (duh). Time to soak into the writing mindset. Time to allow myself to live through my words. Time to craft word selection, even if the words are posted without edit.

As I continue my trek to a positivity infused life, my hope is that the writing will reflect a more hopeful tone. Stepping out of the darkness of negativity may be the most difficult undertaking I’ve ever attempted. What I’ve learned so far…

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