Poetry in Black and White

AYAM Crop 1This You Must Know:

In my life, love means everything
Love is the open door to spring meadows
Walks, hand in hand, on the beach
Kisses full of smiles, hopes, and trust

As to my life, my capacity to love is boundless
My affection for you limitless
My belief in who I am and who I can be soars on the breezes of your love
My honor-bound commitment is that my life is yours.

You must understand, I lay my life down for you
All I ask or need in return is love.
Nothing more.
The knowledge that a true, feminine woman loves me is sustenance to my soul.

As with anyone who loves deeply,
I hurt when you hurt.
Sad when you’re sad.
I miss you terribly in the many moments denied us.

As with anyone who loves deeply,
I appreciate every small detail of the things you do…

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