Poetry in Black and White

In the course of writing poetry, I’ve found dry spells most vexing and troublesome. Why? Because I know myself, and I know within, my passions roil. When nothing comes out, I sense the tsunami that is to come.

The ebb and flow of writing can mock a writer at times. The desire to express oneself lies ever present inside the heart, but sometimes the words will not emerge. Feelings of disconnectedness from your heart can unnerve at times, but armed with the confidence of the muses’ return, you continue to move forward.

Today, I wrote three poems. The first two do not count. lol! The flow did not happen until I stepped into the current of my heart. Once I entered my poetic stream, all felt right in my writing world.

As is true of most of the poetry on this site, this poem comes to you unadorned by editing…

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