poetry from the soul…

Poetry in Black and White

How May You Love an Angel

Love will never forget you

For as I live and breathe and walk this earth

You will be danced

You will be caressed

You will be loved

You will be adored
How may you love an angel

Better asked how may you not?

Eyes careened by sparkles

Heart engulfed with love
How may you love an angel

Smiles free, enchanting, real

Compassion, integrity, gentleness

Her breath fills my life with joy
How may you love an angel

When all you own falls earthily short

When all you know becomes hypothesis and conjecture

When her presence thrills your soul
How may you love an angel

Lovely in spirit as a soft morning breeze

Beauty in all manner woman

Kind in every forwarded thought and deed
All I know in loving an angel

Falls to basic, immutable truths

Life’s hat to be hung on these principles

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