Big Eyes…Butterfly Kisses…

Poetry in Black and White

Rhyming poetry is not my favorite. For some ungodly reason it forced itself upon me today. Vexed by that fact as I am, the words still came. Many I bit off in bitter realizations, knowing I must write forward and continue dealing with the tears of my own making.

In some ways, I suppose being forced by my brain to abandon my favored free-verse is in itself some kind of poetic justice. I know people will tell me not to mourn my mistakes. I know all that crap. I even understand the emotional truisms they will be pursuing for me.

But this landscape of deep emotion defines my life. I walk here often. The real issue (for me) is I walk this place alone. I’ve only found one who could walk with me, but that thought only leads to attempting to find answers outside myself. I’ll stroll the intemperate lands…

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