Michael Ray King

Writing appears to come to each of us differently. Place 100 writers in a room, you will have 100 variations on how to get the job done. Idiosyncrasies, superstitions, habits, patterns, music, no music, pen, computer, lighting, location – the list runs on and on. Yes, similarities do exist, but individualistic behaviors remain.

In my upcoming book, “Inking Your Thinking ~ The Mindset of Writing” I address many of the issues when it comes to creativity. For writers similar to myself, placing a load of restrictions and rules on us squelches our creative process. Place deadlines or themes on us and we must then work to overcome the tethers and access that place within us which allows our muse to flow.

There are times when I look at my laptop screen when writing a blog such as this one, and I know I stare more blankly than the screen facing…

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