Michael Ray King

front coverBook writing owns a reputation as a crazy, wonderful, baffling, chaotic, mind-boggling, confusing morass of contradictions, joy for those who take on the muse. I know I should not use the term “muse” up front, because too many people feel you must access that whimsical, persnickety, precocious beast in order to become a writer. The only thing you “need” is to throw off a lot of baggage you’ve accumulated over the years.

I run my workshop because I found a better way. I spent nearly two decades soaking up “craft of writing” knowledge and the how-tos and how-nots of book writing. What I found was most of the talking heads were spouting regurgitated half-truths that had worked for them in some twisted, personal way. And that’s fine, except “I” wanted to write a book.

I’ve learned a lot about creativity and getting things out of your head and onto paper…

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