I find 750 words to be helpful in clearing my mind, but for some reason cannot copy them to other areas

Michael Ray King

Michael Ray King 300dpiWord Count: Does it Really Help Writers?

Word count comes up as a topic in my writers’ workshop all the time. Who cares? Why would you place emphasis on word count? Isn’t word count intimidating?

I’ve heard many other questions about word count as well. Here’s my view of the nature of word count – when used as a motivating factor, it can be effective. Otherwise, who cares?

That’s a bit flippant, but word count these days is not the bugaboo it once was in the book writing world. I came up in writing being told a new author should not pen a novel of more than 70,000 words. In fact, the closer to 50,000 you kept it, the better. With George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series books tipping the word count scales at a quarter million words plus, I don’t think writers should be too…

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