a poem from, ad about, the heart…

Poetry in Black and White

IMG_0006Birthday Canticle (Part Seventeen)

Morning rays kiss your lips as sleep fades into the mists of time
You stir, so gentle, ruffled linen cocoon dreams fade
Mine, still present, rest within my adoration of you lying there so beautiful, so peaceful, so warm

I trace a light finger across your face and marvel you are mine
You sing in your early slumber even though silence surrounds us
You reach for me and draw near your warmth with a snuggled morning sigh

These moments, precious, endowed with love’s grand scale of live
Minute, tender, fleeting in the measure of a lifetime, eternal in the life of the moment
Lie forever cradled in my heart, in my soul, in my mind the fuel of my dreams of love

Love. Love becomes the artistry of our lives, wending its brushstrokes through all our days
Paintings of life in full motion color, sketching our…

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