positivity breeds positivity…

Michael Ray King

I love writing. I love bicycling. I love music. I love basketball. As I’ve written this past week, my early morning (6:00am to 8:00am) wride fulfills all those ‘loves’. This is for you, yes – YOU, dear reader. Find a way to get more balance into your life. For me, I need a ton of balance. I work far too much.

My bicycle, music, writing, and basketball all team up to take me a step closer, ok, a GIANT step closer to balance. Your balance may involved completely different activities. Commit yourself to this step of balance. Here’s why:

My seventeen-year-old daughter let me know she would be interested in riding with me. I’m thinking, “6:00am? Really? No way…” What I did say was, “come on, let’s go.” This morning, she wrode the entire wride. Remember up above when I wrote, “I need a ton of balance?” Time with my…

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