Ah yes… but then the pleasure…

Michael Ray King

hand writing painfulMoving forward with confidence. That is what I will do. I have no choice but to do this. Fear lives within a writer, at least in the early days. Many of us fear our talent, or a suspected lack thereof. Some of us fear our inability to market ourselves. Some of us fear losing the juice, the mojo, the ability to step into creativity and concoct something dazzling.

I realize some writers show no fear. Some writers storm forward in all confidence and bravado. I often wonder, do they really own confidence at the level they show, or do they simply possess the personality which does not allow them anything but confidence in themselves and their abilities?

Anyone who had read this blog for long understands I write solely from my experiences and perceptions. I grasp the fact that my life does not necessarily encompass the trials and tribulations of…

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