does negativity have a value in our lives

Michael Ray King

Yesterday I wrode in the wrain (is that annoying? 🙂 ). I only suffered through about five minutes in a light wrainfall, but later on my wride, I looked up at intense clouds staring me in the face (hey, I would have spelled it “phace except that would break my consistency with the “wr…” thing”…).

One of the hazards of early morning wrides will be the propensity to get caught in a little wrain. Unfortunately, those clouds did not come across as a ‘little’ wrain. I did make it home, dry and in one piece. The thrill of racing the wrain gifted me some fun,though…

Today’s wride flew by quick. On Fridays I must attend a ‘leads group’ meeting at 8:00am. Since my normal wride time happens to run from 6:00am to 8″00am, I must figure something out for next week.

This morning I learned I could wride faster than…

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