who and what do you love, and why?

Michael Ray King

Good morning wriders! This morning’s wride got shortened due to my standing 8:00am leads group meeting on Fridays. I did manage to get up at 6:00am and we got rolling by 6:25am. A number of things struck my brain as Ivy (my daughter) and I rolled down the pavement.

The first observation came from how much I enjoy mornings. The sun rose soft in the eastern sky as we wrode. The chill in the air welcomed my mood as well. I loathe the Florida heat. In the coming days our heat index will be over 100, with humidity turning every human into a drip-and-dry being as soon as they stroll out the door.

As the morning light brightened, I reminisced about the handful of loves I’ve enjoyed over the course of my life. With one notable exception, I found myself fondly remembering beautiful days like this as well as the…

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