Michael Ray King

Dr. Zachary Smith from the television show Lost in Space, would lament that phrase over and over. You simply loved to hate his cowardice, laziness, and scheming ways. I never liked it when he came into a scene. A gut reaction sent a ‘repulse’ signal to my brain and I was always rewarded with dire consequences of his presence. I always wondered why they didn’t just kill the dude. I’m sure it was because this was a family show and they needed a constant adversary.

Over time though, I lost some of my respect for the Robinsons. After having dealt with this jerk all that time, you would think they would not trust him for a moment, yet invariably he would be put in charge of something significant.

Sometimes I feel this is what I do to myself. I am like the crew of a ‘writing ship’. I have multiple…

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