Show me somebody who has no doubts, and I will show you an idiot…

Michael Ray King

Question MarkDiscovering Doubt

I’ve come to learn writing often becomes an exercise in ‘discovering doubt.’ Yes, many times I write with confidence, although I recognize over the years, much of my confidence fell misplaced. For instance, I considered, once upon a time, critique groups as massively valuable. Now, I downgrade them to marginally helpful as long as you wait until your first draft leaves your mind for paper or digital scripture. Too often, I discovered, critique groups serve only as ego strokes for amateurs.

Lest I digress on my ‘critique group rant,’ I will move forward. Staring at a writing challenge, sometimes I feel intimidated. For instance, there’s a novel that’s been stirring in my mind and heart for decades and I am lining it out for ‘production.’ I’ve written pieces of it so far, but nothing too major. My intimidation comes from nearly thirty years of thinking of this book…

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