I don’t easily GET most poetry…the poetry in good country music?…yes

Michael Ray King

Cloud HeartLove grows. Or dies.

We pretend otherwise.
Love’s first held hand
Love’s first kiss
Love’s first lovemaking

Love grows. Or dies.

~ Michael Ray King

There’s a whole lot of living and loving to do after those “firsts,” correct? The thrill of the “first” arrives easy to us. We work at recapturing those firsts too often, and fall into complacencies and taking things for granted. What we do over the long haul defines the relationship.

I always desire to write things of importance. I desire to construct words in such a way as to impact the reader with a truth, something they may walk away with and use in their life. I’m not so particular as to believe non fiction is the only way to do this. I crave a fiction which delivers concepts and realities that not only entertain, but also bring  insight to the reader as to a…

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