Michael Ray King

hand writing painfulEvery writer I know has trouble writing. ~ Joseph Heller

I’ve found this statement to be true. The reasons appear as myriad as the writers themselves. Yes, there are generalized areas of distraction and impediment. There’s Facebook, video games, solitaire, work, children, ironing, lawn care, meetings, apathy, no muse, emotional distress, spiritual calamity, physical ailments, life. Death. The list gives all indication of endlessness. I am sick as I write this.

Doesn’t that count for something? I have some sort of stomach virus. I awoke at five in the morning today with the intent on my heart of writing this blog post. I did not plan on being a human guinea pig for the writing. Writers  write through their distractions and impediments. So what makes the difference in how we handle things? I know yesterday I was supposed to write this piece and I could not force myself to get…

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