Michael Ray King

So Much Misinformation Out There

Foxy blonde writingWhen I look back over the past twenty years of my writing, I see a landscape littered with talking heads telling me what I must do to successfully write my books. I cannot convey the colossal scope of crap tossed my way. I paid dearly, like most other writers, for all the dead end trails to which these likely well-intentioned people led me.

One such trail is the “writers write” trail. Or, the “write every day” trail. Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge proponent of writing every day. My writing hero, Ray Bradbury, admonished writers to do so. My issue rears its writer’s soap box head when it comes to the definition of “writing.”

Most, if not all, writers pause to look out windows or take up some meandering, non-mind-consuming task to free themselves to think through characters, plotlines, chapters. I call that…

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