Marijuana munchies overwhelmed Mike. After four healthy tokes off one of the three fat community joints being passed around at the rocking Saturday night summer house party, he craved anything to satisfy his suddenly voracious appetite.

Rummaging around in the kitchen fridge, Mike was making a solitary search for pickle relish for his juicy piping hot burger when Rhonda strolled in. She looked even hotter than her usual 7.5 on a ten scale. The snug-fitting burgundy frock clung to her every curve and asset, bumping her to an eight.

“Whatcha looking for?” Rhonda inquired with a friendly smile.

“I need some relish for this excellent burger your husband grilled for me! As a carpenter, Charlie is a terrific cook!” he stated, smiling back.

She grinned. “Yep, he’s The Grillmeister alright! Just ask him!” A faint hint of sarcasm and mockery filtered into her voice.

The bulb inside the back of the full, white refrigerator had burned out, however Mike was determined to find some pickle relish, if there was any to be had.

“Well, is this what you are looking for?” she asked with a big grin, leaning down to pluck a jar of relish off the refrigerator door.

As Rhonda bent over, the décolletage in her dress somehow billowed out and the Twin Peaks came briefly, yet beautifully and completely, into view, winking and blinking.

Whaaat? he wondered to himself, surprised and amazed. Did I see really that? Or those? Incredible! What the hell…?

Handing Mike the condiment with a big grin and a giggle, without another word Rhonda turned on her heel and split, leaving him dumbstruck, befuddled, and excited.

Left alone with his thoughts, Mike was in a state of shock and disbelief. Jesus! They’re freakin beautiful! Big stiff nipples too! Perfect!

Speechless, Mike had taken the relish jar, but hadn’t thanked her, mainly because he couldn’t talk. Was it a dream? A fantasy? How could it be? I didn’t even make an effort! Dreamed it? Fantasized? Maybe she was just teasing me, like women do sometimes. What the F….?

A minute later he beamed back at the already-delightful memory of The Twins. Those truly magnificent mammaries were grinning at him in his already fond recollection. Mike grinned back, perhaps a tad tardy, but the image still excited him! Damn! What could it mean? Anything? Everything?


Alone in the kitchen in front of the refrigerator, a hamburger on the counter, Mike stood with a jar of pickle relish in one hand, a woody in the other hand, and a warm flush creeping up his throat. The rampaging lust impeded his breathing, resulting in shallow and ragged gasps.

Once his obvious lower brain excitement subsided to a socially acceptable level, Mike was left with only his raging desire. Damn! Where did she go?  She freaking disappeared!

Finding her laughing and dancing in the living room with her foxy girlfriend Holly and a couple other fine stewardesses they knew from work, Maxine and Donna, they were passing around a glass of wine and a joint, having a blast rock n rolling. Reluctantly Mike filed his lusty hopes and fantasies away for later.


Crap! Too late again!

Knowing, as most single guys do, any flashing boobs were good flashes, and some flashes from beautiful women are truly exceptional, Mike marked this delightful turn of events up to just being in the right place at the right time. Blind luck.

When Mike later analyzed his most recent encounter with Rhonda, her comment, “Well, is this what you are looking for?” could be taken a couple ways – was I really looking for relish, or the sexy Twins?! Perhaps looking to relish The Twins? Beautiful, round, full, pear-shaped tanned titties with large stiff nipples are what I am always looking for! Was she just teasing me? If so, why was she doing it in public, and why now? The analytical part of his brain went into overdrive!

The horny part replied, who cares? Take their natural sexiness where you can get it! Just enjoy it! Who knows why women do what they do anyway? They don’t even know half the time! It’s a mystery for the ages.

Tonight, Mike hadn’t even made an attempt and one of his many past prurient fantasies regarding Rhonda had been realized!

Rhonda must be much more buzzed than she appears, was the only possible explanation that made any sense to him.